Frequently Asked Questions

Are customers assisted by a medical practitioner?

Yes, all customers will be attended to by a Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Do you accept all medical aids?

Yes, all medical aids are accepted (standard rates apply). Generally a referral from your General Practitioner with prior approval from the medical aid for the visit is required. Kindly check with your medical aid beforehand.

Do you accept private patients (ie patients who are not on a medical aid)?

Yes, we accept private patients

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, it would be preferable to make an appointment please.

You can request a booking here

Do you assist male and female customers?

The practice has been named Women`s Clinic as only female customers may be assisted. Male counterparts may attend consultation or ultrasound examinations with their partner/spouse accordingly.

Where is the practice located?

The practice is located in Bellville opposite the Bellville Market, next to Astron Garage. Physical location is 4 Tienie Meyer Bypass, Bellville, 7535.

Does the practice offer Nuchal Translucency Scans (NT Scans)?

The practice currently does not offer this service. This service may be obtained from various local service providers.

Does the practice offer Detail Scans to check for abnormalities?

The practice currently does not offer this service.  This service may be obtained from various local service providers.

Does the practice perform abortions or surgical procedures?

The practice delivers medical services only. Customers keen on an abortion (commonly known as a Termination of Pregnancy) will be assessed, the pregnancy dated, and an appropriate referral to a safe facility will be made.

Patients requiring surgical procedures will be assisted with referral to applicable facility with attending Specialist.

Does the practice assist women with both pregnancy and non-pregnancy related issues?

Yes, the customer is assisted when she is pregnant and when she experiences problems outside of her pregnancy.

I do not know if I am pregnant. Will the practice be able to assist me?

Yes, a detailed examination and ultrasound may be required. In addition blood tests may be required for assessment by the laboratory. In certain complex cases, serial examinations which follow up blood tests at the laboratory may assist in locating the pregnancy.

I require a gynaecology examination and have never had a papsmear before?

Customers are assessed by way of a medical examination when problems arise. A papsmear may be undertaken to assess health of the cervix.

Does the practice provide contraception?

The practice may assist with a detailed gynaecology examination, ultrasound and appropriate advice in consultation with the customer. The customer will receive a prescription or be referred to the nearest facility or pharmacy able to dispense the prescription.

How long will it take to get the results from the laboratory?

A follow up examination and check occurs usually after 2 or more weeks. Customers are encouraged to attend an appointment in person to be briefed with their results. This is usually a shorter appointment of at least 15 minutes, unless a new problem has surfaced which will require further in-depth analysis.