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women-clinicAbortion Clinics

Abortion clinics, Women Clinic is a caring abortion clinics based in Pretoria, offering abortion pills ( Misoprostol or Cytotec ) available for sale in Pretoria & other areas. These abortion pills can be delivered same day to all places national-wide and internationally.

We are a trusted organization with a woman’s needs at first priority. For your women’s health needs, come to the Abortion Clinics for Women.

If you stay in Johannesburg and Pretoria you can easily assess our clinics. Parking is also available.

surgical-abortion-clinicSurgical Abortion Clinics

All surgical abortions in abortion clinics are medical procedures that must be done in a health care provider’s office or abortion clinics. There are several different surgical abortion options.

How far along a woman is in her pregnancy often determines what method will be used. Aspiration is an abortion procedure that can be performed on a woman up to 16 weeks after her last period.

Aspiration, also known as vacuum aspiration, suction aspiration or D&A (dilation and aspiration), involves the insertion of a tube through the dilated cervix into the uterus.

abortion-clinicSafe Abortion Clinics

We offer termination of pregnancy services, in order to terminate a pregnancy, two types of abortion are available to women but as Wits abortion Women’s Clinic we ONLY OFFER MEDICAL ABORTIONS done by means of the abortion clinics.

Below are the two types of abortion

  • Medical Abortion (also called medication abortion or non-surgical abortion).
  • Surgical Abortion/ Termination of Pregnancy. Come today and get safe abortion pills that work fast.

abortion-pills-pricesMedical Abortion Follow Up Services

The next step in the Medical Abortion process involves the taking of additional medications 24-48 hours after the administration of mifepristone. Your counselor will also help you schedule a pregnancy test 2 weeks following the abortion. At this appointment, the doctor will determine if additional medications is needed.

There is no fee for this service if you return for the test within 30 days from your abortion appointment. Should you experience any problems or have concerns during the medical abortion, we encourage you to contact our office to speak with a nurse.

medical-abortionMedical Abortions

As the name goes, medical abortions do not involve surgery or other invasive methods but rely on medications to end pregnancy. A medical abortion involves taking the drug mifepristone; often called the abortion pill, its generic name is RU-486 and its brand name is Mifeprex.

A woman seeking a medical abortion can obtain one through our doctor’s office or at our abortion clinic and should expect two or more visits to complete the process, as another drug, misoprostol, must be taken to terminate the pregnancy.

abortion-pills-pricesChoosing a Method at Abortion Clinics

Both the surgical and medical abortions in abortion clinics are effective and safe forms of terminating a pregnancy.

However, the processes for each procedure are very different. Some women choose the surgical abortion because it is relatively quick and requires only one step.

Others choose the medical abortion because they feel it gives them more control over the process. Because every woman is different, we invite you to call us and discuss in further detail which option is best for you. We want you to make an informed decision and feel confident in your choice.

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